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Suggestion: Bookmark this page for easy access to everything you need to follow this class!

Counts as 6.0001 and 6.0002 credit, or can be taken in addition. Counts as a course 6 elective.

Course materials will be published on this website on Monday 1:00pm. Each week is a new chapter, which includes:

  • Asynchronous video lectures (total 60 minutes)
  • Interactive visualizations
  • Exercises

Live lectures

On Monday 1:00pm - 2:30pm, after the material is published, there will also be:

  • Q&A on Discord
  • Live overview lecture (30 minutes)

On Wednesday 1:00pm 2:30pm (MIT students only), you will meet with fellow students and your TA to:

  • Review the lecture
  • Work on problem sets in small groups or individually, with the opportunity to ask questions to your TA

Start date: February 16, 2021

Discussion forum and homework submission

  • Discord: discussion (we encourage you to hang out here during class!)

  • MIT Only: Canvas: Homework submissions, Piazza Link. If you’re a non-MIT student, don’t worry, the homework has built-in answers checks, or you can find a partner to cross-grade homeworks via Discord.


The final grade is 80% problem sets, and 20% MITx quick questions.

  • Problem sets are released on Friday and due the following Friday by 11:59pm EST. They have equal weight; your lowest score will be dropped.

  • MITx exercises (quick questions) are due before Wednesday (11:59pm), but are best done on Monday, during or right after the lectures.