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1Images, Data, Arrays, AbstractionsFeb 17, 20211.1, 1.2videoHW0 released
2Image TransformationsFeb 22, 20211.4videoHW1 released
3More Transformations and Automatic DifferentiationFeb 24, 20211.3video
4Transformations: Composability and LinearityMar 1, 20211.5video
5Inverses and Newton's MethodMar 3, 20211.6videoHW3 released
6Dyanmic Programming and Seam CarvingMar 9, 20211.7, 1.8videoWeek 3 Problem MITx released
7Structure in Data and PCAMar 10, 20211.9video
8More PCAMar 15, 20212.1video
9Sampling & Random VariablesMar 15, 20212.2video
10Modeling with Stochastic SimulationMar 24, 20212.3video
11Random Variables as TypesMar 29, 20212.4video
12Random WalksMar 31, 20212.5video
13Random Walks IIApr 5, 20212.6video
14Discrete & ContinuousApr 7, 20212.7video