Lecture1 - Images and Abstraction

Aired on: 2020-09-02T10:45:00

Table of Contents

Prerequisites: Installing the software environment

Check out the installation page on this website, or just watch the following video to learn how to set up Julia and Pluto – two software you will need to run the course materials on your own computer.

Introduction to Images in Julia

In this segment, we understand what an image is when represented on a computer, and how you can use the Images.jl to start manipulating image data.

Introduction to abstraction

Abstraction is the process of hiding the details. Here we play with matrices of various types of elements, and show an example of abstraction where the mechanics of arrays is hidden from the mechanics of elements stored in the arrays.

Basics of Arrays in Julia

In the previous video we learnt that images are arrays of RGB values. Now we will do a quick tour of arrays in general. This video will reiterate some of the same commands, and help you practice your array skills.

TED Talk: A language to heal the planet together

This talk motivates the need for an easy-to-use yet efficient programming language in science

Introduction to your professors

Meet the professors for this course!